7 Ways to make money writing online.

Whether you are an expert, or beginner with hardly any skills in writing, there are plenty of opportunities to make money online as a writer. And with the improvement in technology and globalization of Internet services, most of the online writing job opportunities can be performed from anywhere across the globe.

Wondering what online writing is all about? This is simply no different from grabbing a pen and paper and you start writing any piece of content. Writing online involves creating written content in text form to be published and shared over the Internet for purposes of providing information.

With the popularity of the internet, many companies, individuals, and other brand owners have turned to the internet to engage with their audience and promote their brands. This has created many opportunities for writers.

There are a plenty of online writing jobs to start earning money online and some of these are given below;

1. Start a blog.

If you have a passion in writing, then you may consider starting your own blog. Blogging is one of the easiest ways writers are making money on the internet. Many experienced and famous bloggers are making huge amounts of money, with some making over $50,000 a month with just a single well monetized blog.

Blogging is almost for everyone as there is no academic qualification required to start your own blog and make money writing online.

  • Start your blog with wordpress.com. This is the leading website builder with satisfied clients, an active support team 24/7, free themes, and many more features mainly with the paid plan for best experience.
  • Choose your blog niche. This is a particular topic area around which you will be focusing your blog content. Choose a blog niche that can easily be monetized for additional revenue. It is also advisable to choose your blog niche around your hobby, since this will reduce the boredom with writing on the topic.
  • Choose your blog name. This is simplified by use of blog name generators such as WordPress blog name generator.
  • Choose your WordPress plan. There are several plans starting with the free plan to paid plans. It’s advisable to start with a paid plan since these have more features compared to the free plan.
  • Write content. After setting up your blog or website, it’s time to start writing content. Make sure to write good quality content and longer articles so that they show up on first pages of search engines. Also promote the content through social media platforms.
  • Make money. There are many ways to make money from your blog. These among others include; ads revenue, affiliate marketing, selling your own product,….

2. Try copywriting.

Are you good at writing articles that are so engaging, and that can easily move people to buy or make an action? Then you can try copywriting. There are many companies and individual brand owners who are willing to hire you for your services at a reasonable pay.

These are looking for writers who can write nice marketing articles that can move potential buyers to actually purchase their product. You can do this as a part-time or full-time job, and if you are lucky enough to grow your expertise copywriting, it can cater for all your future needs; be it dream house, car, lifestyle, and also fund your retirement.

  • Create your portfolio. Before companies hiring you as a copywriter, they will need some samples of your writing as proof. Therefore, first find easy ways to start practicing. For example, writing for a college magazine or any local business.
  • Consider enrolling for a degree in marketing as well as a writing course. This will enable you to understand marketing strategies better and the persuasive writing language. This will put you on top of the game.
  • Look for opportunities to write. This could be done freely with just the aim of developing writing skills. Help organizations and individuals to develop content, write blog posts for others, and so on.
  • Gain experience. Companies, in most cases are more interested in copywriters with over 5 years of experience. Join local marketing and advertising agencies to gain experience as well as build your portfolio.
  • Join freelancer platforms. There are many freelancer platforms such as; Upwork, Fiverr, that can help you to easily land your first copywriting job.

3. Create blog posts for others.

If you are not ready to start your own blog and you just want to make some quick money, then you may consider guest blogging. Many bloggers and companies are hiring writers to write blog posts for them. And in return, you can make some good amount of money writing online for other bloggers or companies.

To get started, you need to read other articles or blog posts of the company you want to write for, so that you learn the tone and style of writing so that your article is easily considered.

Most of these bloggers or companies have editor’s guidelines that you can follow to create the type of blog posts that they are interested in. Some of the websites that you can write for and make money online include the following;

  • The dollar stretcher. This site is dedicated to living better for less. They are therefore interested in articles related to improving their readers lives. You will receive $0.10 per word, which means $100 for every 1000 word article published.
  • Vibrant life. This website pays you to write about healthy- living; mentally, spiritually, and physically as well as other topics. The pay is over $300 per article published.
  • Guideposts. The site pays $250 per post. They are interested in true stories. Could be a success story or past experience that is aimed at guiding others to achieve certain goals or learn new lessons in life.
  • Cracked.com. This site pays somewhere around $50 to $200 per post published. They are interested in short funny stories. You may consider reading their editors guide to learn more.
  • Chicken soup for the Soul. The pay here is $200 per post. They publish book stories and are interested in exciting funny stories about you or someone you know. Payments can be received after a month, months or even a year. Plus 10 free copies of the book.

4. Create information products.

Another way to make money writing online is by creating, and selling information products. These are products for which the most important part of what you are selling is knowledge, and they are digital products.

Informational products can be ebooks, audio or video files, newsletter, templates, websites, online course, webinars, reports, and analysis and memberships sites.

One good thing about information products is that they are passive in nature. That is, they can be created once, and continue to generate income over a long period of time with just little or no efforts. Create your informational product and start making money writing online.

  • Choose your information product. Brainstorm to find the information product that you can easily create. It could be a website, online course, or an E-book.
  • Make sure it is profitable. Our goal is to make money. Therefore, the information product should be able to earn us the required amount of money. In other words, it should have a ready market of buyers.
  • Do your research. Make detailed research about your product. For example, if it is an ebook, make detailed research about the topic you want write about.
  • Write and publish. After doing extensive research, it’s now time to write and publish your information product. Promote it on different social media platforms, and you may also consider paying for ads space.

5. Create sponsored content.

Sponsored content is any material in an online publication that is paid for by an advertiser, and this content is intended to drive traffic or awareness to the brand of the advertiser. Sponsored content can be in the form of paid articles, infographics, tweets, Instagram posts, videos, Facebook posts, and so on.

Therefore, as a writer, you can make money writing online through creating sponsored articles or any other format you are good at.

Sponsored content works in a way that instead of businesses going all in to face different obstacles and barriers designed to block out their advertisements, they can easily get in front of their audience in their places of convenience, and where they hang out always by the help of sponsored content. This means, the audience is getting value by reading the article, and at the same time brands or businesses are being promoted. Many brands are willing to pay for sponsored content.

  • Create good quality content that attracts sponsors. Good quality content provides good value to your readers, and these keep coming back to your site for more. This helps you to generate more followers and brands will start to notice you.
  • Use rich media like images and videos. At times, writing only plain text can be so boring to readers. Try to add images or videos to attract your readers.
  • Pitch sponsorships to Brands featuring in your ads. When pitching these companies, you may have to disclose some information such as; about you, your site, number of followers and readers, and how you want to work with them. These companies always have links to use for pitching them.
  • Set up a Media kit and sponsor page. These provide information that brands can use to hire you for writing sponsored content. They include information like; your name, contact information, number of followers, monthly page views, website name and URL.

6. Create affiliate content.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways people are making lots of money online with yet little efforts. This is because with affiliate marketing, you only need to add links to products that are not yours, in your written publications and you don’t even get to deal with customers. You earn a commission whenever a person buys the product through your link.

There are quite many affiliate programs you can join to start promoting affiliate products and start making money online as a writer as well as an affiliate marketer. Some of these affiliate programs include; Amazon, ClickBank, shareASale, eBay partner Network Inc, Fiverr, Shopify, and so on.

  • Start a website. This means you will have to publish content that offers value to readers. And at the same time, you add affiliate links for which if one clicks and buys the product, you can make a commission and these commissions vary from $20 to over $100 per sale.
  • Create a free Google website. if you are unable to start a website or blog, you may consider setting up a free one at sites.google.com on your computer and publish your affiliate content with links to affiliate products.
  • Create pins on Pinterest. You may also just decide to create pins on pinterest and in your destination URL, add the links to the affiliate product you are promoting.
  • Join an affiliate program. Joining an affiliate program is free of charge. You can join several affiliate programs and start earning commissions by promoting their products.
  • Work hard. Of course, nothing good comes without any efforts. You will need to put some efforts, creating interesting content and learning SEO tips to attract readers and generate traffic to your affiliate links.
  • Be patient. Well, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to be patient and work on ways to get more traffic to your affiliate links. Then later on, you will start making money from promoting affiliate products.

7. Write how-to guides.

Millions of people run to the internet every day to learn to do something new. Writing how-to guides has great opportunities of earning you lots of income writing online. This is because of the huge traffic from millions wanting to learn how to farm, do business, marketing, sing, blog, cook, and so forth.

you can start by writing how to guides about things you already know, and later on, you may decide to venture into other topics after making detailed research. You can decide to monetize your how to guides by placing ads to earn ads revenue, creating sponsored content, adding affiliate links, as well as asking for donations from your satisfied readers.

  • Start a blog. You can easily start your how to blog with WordPress, starting with either a free or paid plan. I would highly recommend starting with a paid plan to get the best experience and unlimited features.
  • Make research. You need to make extensive research to be able to provide the best value to your readers. Being able to satisfy your readers means they will keep coming back and your articles get shared by your readers on social platforms, getting you more organic traffic.
  • Start writing. When writing, keep in mind that you already have competitors. To beat your computers, write long, good quality articles that will show up on the first page of search engines.
  • Monetize your content. There are several ways to monetize your how-to guides and start making money writing online. You can decide to place ads and earn ads revenue, write sponsored content for other brands, adding affiliate links as well as asking for donations. You can still do all of these monetization strategies at once, and maximize your earnings.

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