How To Monetize Your Blog: The Ultimate Guide.

In case you are already a content creator, that is, a blogger. Whether full-time or part-time blogger, you already appreciate the truth that it takes much effort and time to create content for a blog. Such efforts and time need to be rewarded handsomely, and blog’s have this ability.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to build a greater purely passive income source that can make tremendous changes and improvements in your life and that of people around you. It can help you to buy your dream house, dream car, travels and vacations, as well as quitting your sucking daily job to enjoying financial freedom.

Blogs are becoming a very popular revenue stream with bloggers making $20,000 to over $100,000 per year. You can easily create a blog at WordPress, and start earning this much.

There are several ways to make money blogging which among others include;

One of the best passive income sources.

Affiliate Marketing.

This is one of the fast growing, easy ways to make money on your blog. Affiliate marketing is simply an advertising model that different companies use to promote and sell their products and services online.

Bloggers promote affiliate products by adding affiliate links into their content for which they can earn commissions once blog readers purchase the affiliate product through their links. Thus, you get paid for every sale you generate.

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest income streams with affiliate marketers making over $42,000 on average every year. Commissions can vary between 5% to 30% depending on the product and affiliate program.

Choose a niche. First, you need to select a blog niche say travel, health or lifestyle. 

Create a blog. You can easily create a blog at WordPress, even if you don’t have any developer skills. They have both a free and paid plan, though the paid plans have the greatest experience.

Create good quality content. You should create content that offers best value to your readers.

Join affiliate programs. There are several affiliate programs that you can join to start making money. Amazon Associates, ClickBank, shareAsale,…

Add affiliate links to your content. Once your readers click on these links and buy the products through your link, you earn commissions.

Sell ads space.

This is one of the easiest ways to make money with a blog. Selling ads space is purely passive as you create a piece of content once, and continue earning ads revenue for many years to come. You can place ads on your site in form of banners or pop-ups.

To determine how much money you can make from your blog, the answer is; it depends. It depends on the amount, and quality of traffic, niche topic, type of posts on your blog. For example, Cost Per Impression (CPM) earnings are in-between $1 – $3 per 1000 impressions or page views.

Write sponsored content.

Sponsored content is in many forms such as; written, audible, visual content that brand owners pay for to advertise and promote their products. There are various formats of sponsored content such as: paid articles, tweets, Instagram posts, videos, Facebook posts, infographics,….

You can make somewhere between $200 to over $700 per article writing sponsored content. The advertisers or brand owners pay for the content, while the influencer or blogger writes, publishes, and promotes the sponsored content.

Accumulate traffic. Companies or brand owners are most interested in traffic on your site. Maximize the number of followers and views to attract brand owners.

Use rich media. Rich media such as attractive photos and videos move people’s hearts to click and find out more.

Optimize SEO keywords & phrases. These will enable your site to get a great deal of organic traffic, thus giving you a bargaining chip.

Add a contact page. This will enable brand owners to easily contact you to negotiate the terms and conditions of your contract, and boom, your first cash in.

Email marketing.

This is simply the use of emails to promote business products and services to your email subscribers. One advantage with email marketing is that there is no competition, yet it is even very cheap. You can easily reach out to your customers directly and make a sale.

You can decide to send weekly email newsletters to avoid spamming and getting blocked. Inform your subscribers about new products and promise discounts on purchases, everyone wants a discount.

Build an email list. You can use MailChimp, contact form, phone call, and so on to get customer’s emails.

Categorize your lists. You need to form different categories of customer lists based on their interests, so that you are able to send personalized emails.

Promise privacy. People will only sign up for your newsletter when they know that their information is safe.

Sell online courses/ coaching.

This is a really great passive income source idea to make money with your blog. If you are an expert or somehow good at anything, then consider turning it into an online course. It could be cooking, dancing, Microsoft programs, education, fitness, …..

Many of the busy people like the working class, who want to upgrade or learn something new, find it convenient to it over the internet. Be the solution by offering online classes through video recordings or live lectures, audios, readings and so on.

Make research. Before offering any course about anything. Make a detailed research about the topic to be well informed and knowledgeable.

Breakdown course content. This will enable you to make sure that your students can attain a desired skill at certain levels of coverage.

Create a backup plan. Prepare for any emergencies, so that server failures don’t affect you to the point of losing all your hard work.

Make your content easy to find. Your students should be able to search and easily find whatever they are interested in at the time.

Sell ebooks.

In case you have a passion for writing, then you can make lots of passive income from writing and publishing ebooks. These are electronic formats of books. Writing an ebook requires some hard work, from making the required research to publishing and making money.

You may also need to hire editors as well as graphic designers to help you with editing and designing your ebook. When it comes to publishing and marketing your ebook, you can either do it yourself, or still hire an agent.

Research your content/ topic. You need to be so much knowledgeable about the topic you are writing about. This will enable you to provide the best value to your readers.

Promote your ebook. Know one will get to know of your great book when you don’t promote it. Advertise through social media, paid ads, and google play store.

Name your ebook price. Most of the ebooks go for somewhere between $1 to $5 or more. Some are are free of charge, though monetized by placing ads.

Guest blog for media outlets.

This simply put: is where you write for and publish blog posts on other sites other than your own. This is just another way to make extra money as a blogger. In case you are an expert on a certain topic, you can make extra money writing for media outlets and other websites.

It’s either sided. You may reach out to the media outlets, or they may reach out to you. You can pitch them to get approved. One advantage is that you get to build your brand and even attract more visitors to your site.

Choose a specific topic. This will enable you to focus on that topic and build/ develop your expertise.

Build your brand. You need to be very good at what you do, before people start recognizing you. Do extensive research to get the required knowledge.

Contact me page. You should have a contact page to enable potential customers to easily contact you and make a deal.

Offer members only content.

This is just another passive income source idea to start making money blogging. Here it means you can offer both free and premium content on your site. Only readers that have paid the subscription fee will get access to better quality content.

Offering members only content can be very profitable especially with recurring memberships. Premium content may be online courses, personal coaching, access to software, and so on.

Select a niche. You need to be very specific about the niche you want to serve. This will enable you to get loyal followers and subscribers.

Design valuable content. There should be something of greater value that the subscribers get that is worth their subscription fee.

Payments and subscriptions. You should have in place an efficient and safe means to handle payments and subscriptions.

High quality content. The premium content should be of higher quality compared to the free content.

Sell your blog’s newsletter space.

A blog newsletter is an email that is sent to your blog’s subscribers, most especially on a weekly or monthly basis. A blog newsletter for example; notifies your subscribers of the newly published posts, and how they can help the readers. That is, what is in the post for the readers.

You can decide to sell your blog’s newsletter space, so that instead of including your latest posts, and the popular ones, you promote other brands’ products and services. You could make some great amounts of money especially if you have too much traffic or newsletter subscribers.

Offer exclusive discount codes. You can ask for discount codes from the brands that you are working with. Everyone wants a discount.

Use interesting titles. These will move your readers to want to find out more. And by clicking on the link, they are making their first step towards purchasing the brand’s product or service.

Make it informational. People always try to be on guard whenever you directly try to sell anything to them online. First provide value then recommend your product or service.

Accept donations.

This is yet another simple strategy for making money online. WordPress offers free buttons to any blogger on a paid plan to enable them receive donations from readers and well-wishers. You may use PayPal or crowdfunding platforms to collect your donations.

There are many crowdfunding platforms that can enable you to collect your donations. All you need to do is signing up to create your account with any of them. Some of these include; GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Patreon,….

You can expect donations of somewhere between$1 to over $10. And if you are lucky enough, based on the the group of People your blog content touches, or what it promotes, you may get donations over $100 from just one touched and satisfied reader.

Ways To Maximize Your Blog Earnings.

Whether you are already earning from your blog or not yet, These strategies can enable you to get interesting results from your blogging efforts.

Choose a specific niche.

Blogging is becoming more and more competitive. This means that you have to out compete other bloggers in your niche to make money from your blog.

Choosing a specific niche will save you the too much hard work. Find just a specific part of your niche and concentrate on it. For example, if you’re in a making money online niche, you may choose blogging. Concentrate and build your brand.

This will enable you to get loyal followers that you can turn into customers for either your services or affiliate products.

Publish content multiple times every week.

The biggest secret to successful blogging is – creating more content. The more content you create – the more page views you get, the more followers, and more earnings from your blog.

Creating and publishing content also keeps your readers engaged to site and they visit your site daily for updates. This means you have loyal followers that get to trust you and can easily buy any products or services you offer and recommend.

Search engines also recognize your site when it is updated regularly with new blog posts. Search engines will then start to send your traffic and this will increase your blog earnings based on your monetization strategies.

Learn how SEO works.

Learning Search Engine Optimization strategies can be very helpful to to the growth of your site. It will enable your site to maximize the organic traffic from search engines. This is by way of ranking your blog posts on the first page of any search made on internet.

Publish content on regular basis. Search engines will recognize site easily once it is updated regularly with new content.

Use key words. These keywords enable your post to rank higher than others. Search for the keywords related to your blog posts and include these in the post content.

Write longer posts. At least, the blog posts that you get to see in the 1st to 3rd position in a Google search, are over 2000 words on average.

Create good quality content.

Just like any other business, you need to offer something of good quality and best value to your readers before you can make money from your blog. Good quality content all you need to keep your readers satisfied and loyal to your blog.

Good quality content will enable your site to get more and more subscribers, back links, and will enable you to build your brand.

Your site will also be able to land bigger money deals such as writing sponsored content, and guest blogging. All these will increase your blog earnings.

Build a mailing list.

A mailing list is one of the ways you can dramatically increase your blog earnings. This is because a mailing list gives you the opportunity to reach out to your readers directly, and specifically basing on what may interest them.

Most of the email subscribers are your loyal followers that can easily be turned into customers. You can categorize these based on their preferences and send weekly email newsletters that are specific to their needs.

You can send newsletters to notify them of the new products and services, as well as move them to buy those products and services, hence increased blog earnings.

Share your content on social media.

This is just another strategy to increase your blog traffic and increase earnings from the blog. You can share your blog posts on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on.

If you already have a big number of followers on social media, this means blogging success in the shortest time possible. WordPress gives it’s bloggers an automatic way of sharing posts on social media platforms. You can connect your social media accounts and your blog posts get shared automatically once published.

You can also create a YouTube channel related to your blog. So that you easily redirect your YouTube video viewers and subscribers to your blog pages. Thence, increased traffic and earnings.

Use Pinterest.

Pinterest is doing magic for many bloggers. It is actually more of a search engine than a social platform. Pinterest gives much traffic to bloggers, though you have to understand how it works and the most trending searches.

Bloggers create pins on Pinterest, that once clicked on redirect people to your site. This is just a very easy way of getting free organic traffic and maximizing your blog income.

Perfect mix and use of monetization strategies.

Though there are various ways to monetize your blog. Knowing which strategies to use, where and when is very important. You should know which strategies can be blended to work together.

For example; you don’t need to fill all parts of your pages with ads. This will discourage your readers and they will leave your page. Putting 2 – 3 ads on a page is just enough.


All in all, making money blogging is very possible. This is because many people have made it and are already earning passive income blogging. This means that you too can!. However, blogging needs consistency and hard work. Hope our monetization strategies could be of some help. 👆

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