How To Make Money Writing E-books. The Ultimate Guide.

And for bloggers or educators who blog about unique topics and can’t make a lot of money, like working with brands or affiliate marketing, eBooks are the best alternative to make money online.

What are E-books?

An e-book is a non-editable and adaptable book that is converted into a digital format for reading on any digital device such as computer screens or mobile devices.

An eBook is an electronic version of the formerly traditional print books, and it can be read using a personal computer or an eBook reader. 

Is it Profitable to Sell E-books?

Absolutely, Yes!. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn selling eBooks. You can’t count on the high retail value of each e-book and your e-book’s $1 to $4 price tag.

For example, at $16.00 you will earn $5.60 (35%), but if you book at $9.99 you will be paid $6.99 per sale (70%).

Regardless of which platform you choose, you will earn around $2 per book if you sell your eBook for $2.99, which is a very popular price.

Ways to make money from your E-books.

To be a successful eBook writer and seller, you need to write great content on your desired topic, have a well-designed cover, promote it on social media once published, and sell it through various online platforms. 

Writing Your Ebooks.

Now that you know what ebooks are and how much money you can make, let’s talk about how to write an ebook. 

Find out your readers’ interests.

Whether you’re an experienced lyricist or an aspiring writer, you can make money writing fiction or non-fiction ebooks.

It doesn’t matter what you write. Fiction, non-fiction, ebooks, even blog posts, you need to be a marketer if you want to make money.

Knowing how to make your fiction or non-fiction books more valuable will help you make money.

Choose an interesting topic for your eBook.

A good combination of a great title and well-designed cover will draw a great deal of buyers in more than anything else.

Your ebook title should be able to tell the reader what to expect from the ebook, as well as attract them to explore it.

You may turn to bloggers to get some insights about developing your ebook title.

Keep it short.

Very long ebook content can be so boring, always try to make it as short as possible. Only make sure it passes on the desired message.

Shorter content ebooks are easier and quicker to write, and you are able to keep the consistency and follow of your content.

Lengthy ebooks are the opposite. Can you imagine reading or writing an ebook of over 500 pages.

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Write a high standard eBook.

Quality is king. When writing your ebook, always aim at providing the best quality compared to your copetitors.

Write high quality ebooks in terms of content, layout, and even the value derived from reading.

This will enable you to establish your brand and get royalty from your readers.

Write a series of ebooks.

There is one good thing with writing a series of ebooks; You always have a ready market just waiting for the ebook to be published.

The best way to sell a series of ebooks published after selling the first one, is to sell through email.

You can capture emails of the buyers of the first ebook, and believe me, they will by the following series of the ebook.

Always do Proofreading

This will help to make sure that your content is error free. Ebooks with so much grammar mistakes can mean to be so boring.

You may do proofreading by yourself or use free softwares available for proofreading, before publishing your ebook.

Marketing and promotion of your ebooks.

Building a strong brand that will lead your ebook to success is not an overnight task.

Unless you’re already a celebrity or best-selling author, traditional publishers expect you to do most of the hard work when it comes to promoting your book.

You want to do your best to connect potential readers with your Kindle e-reader. 

 Whether you’re just starting to write it or getting ready for your readers, you can focus on one of these ebook promotion ideas and get it in front of the right people: your target audience;

Create a professional ebook cover

While physical books may contain a lot of text on the cover, this should almost never be the case with an e-book.

You can create the best book cover by hiring a professional designer…or develop your own by the help of book cover templates and thumbnail builders;

  • Cover design is your number one marketing tool to help your ebook stand out from the sea of ​​thumbnails. 
  • Visme is a data visualization and presentation tool, and you also get free ebook templates.
  • At Snappa, you can create a 2D ebook cover in 5 minutes or less using one of the Snappas templates, or create your own design from scratch.

Finally, remember, unlike a printed book, an e-book should look good on a screen, not on a shelf.

Choose a publisher for your ebook.

There are many other places on the internet where you can make money by publishing and selling your ebooks every month. Such as;

  • Amazon is the best so far.  If you’re looking to get the most eyeballs and the most sales, selling on Amazon is the way to go.
  • Nook Press.  This is the Barnes & Noble equal of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.  

These platforms make publishing eBooks and monetization easier, faster, and more convenient. 

The best way to get your book in front of people is to send it to a book promotion company. Some companies will even promote your book in social media posts like their Facebook pages.

By advertising this way, you can gain a whole new readership simply by using your company’s email list.

By doing this, you will promote your ebook and build credibility and trust at the same time.

Repurpose Your Content

The good news is that an eBook can be an easier way to structure your content. This way, the e-book will feel fresh because the content is organized in a completely different way.

There are many ways such as repackaging your eBook into a successful webinar, youtube videos, blog posts, ………and these can make you more profit. 

Once you’ve found valuable content on your blog, you can expand the article and turn it into an eBook that delves into a topic that your audience is already interested in.

You can always create them from scratch, or find opportunities to reuse large content such as articles and e-books.

If you’ve been creating content for a while, you probably have a lot of useful articles on your blog, YouTube channel, or as downloadable resources that can be reused in other ways. 

Another way to find content worth repeating is to look at your most popular content.

Promote ebook ideas.

Rather than writing a full ebook before it goes on sale, promote ebook ideas, share them with your audience, and use pre-orders to encourage engagement and attract early adopters.

With these ebook publishing and promotion ideas, that’s exactly what you’ll do. As with all marketing, you need a good plan for publishing and promoting new ebooks.

Start a blog.

One of the best things you can do is share the juicy content of your eBook on your blog and then share it everywhere on social media to keep it alive for years to come.

Incorporate a blog into your website to connect with and keep your audience up to date both before publishing your eBook and most importantly after, driving traffic to your landing page.

By having an ebook or even a Kindle author landing page on your website, you can give your visitors more sales opportunities and can drive traffic to your website.

A blog gives you the opportunity to showcase your work, interact with future readers, and (after publishing) drive traffic to your eBook and Kindle author landing page.

It’s best to get your blog up and running before writing an ebook, as you can use it to gauge interest and build anticipation. 

WordPress offers a quick and simple way to set up a website and start selling digital products like ebooks and so on straight from your site.

Promote your eBooks on social platforms.

Share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Slideshare, Quora and Reddit.

Publish your eBooks on Amazon Kindle and be sure to include a beautifully designed cover, regular funny tweets, social media sharing options like Facebook and Twitter, paid advertising campaigns (if desired), guest blogging, and sharing options with clear of free book samples to spark interest in the entire book.

You can advertise your eBook as the Book of the Day for free with 160 credits or $16 via PayPal.

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Facebook ads

Facebook ads can be a very effective way to promote your ebook campaigns, get more likes for your Page, and increase awareness of your ebook.

We recommend that you create an official author page to make it easier for you to promote your eBook on Facebook.

Choose to self-publish your ebook.

Authors find that they can make more money by publishing their own ebooks.

If you choose to self-publish the eBook, you will list it for sale on platforms like Barnes & Noble Online, Amazon, Lulu, etc.

Quick Publish. Instead of waiting for a publisher to find, submit, and accept it, by self-publishing your work as an eBook author, you can greatly speed up the selling process and have full say in how and when it gets published.

If you decide to start self-publishing as a profitable venture, be sure to research the market first and take the time to create a sales-optimized product. 

Aim to teach or offer value, not to sell.

Keep in mind that people don’t browse social media with the intent to buy, so you need to make sure that the offers you promote and how you promote them generate interest and deliver value.

When people see and click on your Facebook sponsored posts, you want them to go to a page on your website that encourages them to buy your books or subscribe to your newsletter.

This page should be attractive, well-designed, and contain a call to action (such as links to buy books or a sign up button).

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Selling & making money from your E-books.

Once you have published your eBooks online, your goal is to make money every time a copy is sold. 

Sell at a cheaper price.

Because the cost of writing and publishing an eBook is so low, you can earn generous profits from every eBook you write.

Creating an e-book can be ridiculously cheap and often completely free, and selling your e-book can earn you a few pounds a day or next to nothing. 

Sell across your social media platforms.

If you already have an online space with a large following, you can easily make money selling ebooks.

The more platforms you publish your books on, the better chance you have of making money selling ebooks.

How you spread the word about your book and reach your customers has a huge impact on how much money you can make selling ebooks.

Enter writing competitions.

Entering writing contests is a sure-fire way to make money with ebooks.

Knowing how to make your fiction or non-fiction books more valuable will help you make money.

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Capture Buyers’ Emails

Whenever someone buys your ebook, make sure to register their email. These buyers are people who are most interested in your content and are most likely to buy more.

You can then use weekly email letters to reach out to these previous buyers, and through these email letters, you give them a call to action, buying anyother related ebook.

There are many email service providers that can help you to develop your email list, such as MailChimp, …..


How much money can you make from eBooks?

You can make money writing and selling your ebooks online as a freelance writer, or you can hire ghost writers to make money for you.

Or you can write 20 ebooks for $500 a month, like Steve Scott. You can write an ebook in a week, spend months or years marketing it, and try to make $10,000 a month. 

Commercial authors make anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars a month by publishing and selling ebooks online. 

What are the best ideas to write as an eBook?

 There are very many ideas to write as an ebook, and they are as many as you can’t imagine. some of those are; Health, organic dog recipes, how to guides, travel guides, academics, fictional or non-fictional stories, …………..

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