How to Make Money as a Kid: 10+ Ideas for Kids & Teenagers to Earn

How to Make Money as a Kid: 10+ Ideas for Kids & Teenagers to Earn

‍Money is something that most kids have in abundance, but it can be challenging for them to understand how to manage their finances. As a parent, you’re probably already stressing out about how to teach your child about money.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for kids to earn money that don’t involve asking for it. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most lucrative ways for kids to make money, from babysitting to lawnmowing.
Many of these ideas can be incorporated into a child’s regular routine and won’t require you to expose them to any additional risks. In other words, they’re perfectly safe.

Tips for Making Money as a Kid

-Ask your parents and friends if they’d be willing to take your money. Many kids will ask their parents to do the same, but this is a great way to make extra cash right away.
-Join a program or club at school that sponsors activities for fall or spring break. Check with the administration office to see what clubs are sponsored and if you could join one.
-Sell your opinion in surveys, focus groups, and other short-form research. This is a great way to earn a few bucks while expanding your knowledge.
-There are plenty of opportunities in retail stores and fast food restaurants that pay cash. Floors, fry cooks, and other positions with flexible schedules are also good options to look for.
-Create your own fundraiser for your school or scout troop. You could organize a car wash, bake sale, or other event that you sponsor.
-Host a bake sale or other fundraiser at your house. This is a great option if you want to include your friends, family, or neighbors.
-Become a ride-along driver or a tutor for services like You can make money while also learning how to give driving lessons or tutoring.
-Join your local fire department or paramedic service to get paid while learning how to give first aid and CPR.

Staying Safe While Making Money

When it comes to making money, it’s important to stay safe. As you’re getting started, make sure you know the rules for earning money and don’t do anything that puts you at risk.
A few examples of when this is important include:
-Selling goods with chemicals in them. If you’re selling candy, it’s perfectly fine to have a jar with a few raisins in it. However, if you’re selling perfume, it’s a good idea to keep it away from minors. Make sure you know the laws in your area about selling items that could be deemed as adult items.
-Selling items that could be deemed illegal. For example, selling untested drugs or alcohol is illegal in some places. Carefully consider the items you’re going to sell and make sure you’re following all applicable laws.
-Possessing or using illegal drugs. Even if you make money by selling items that contain drugs, it’s illegal. For this reason, you should never sell or use any illegal drugs in the process of making money.
-Stealing or fraudulently obtaining items. If you’re using someone else’s credit card or stealing products from a store, it’s a good idea to avoid making money off of it.

Ways to make money as a kid


#1. Walk Dogs While You Earn Cash

If you have free time when your friends are looking for an activity for their dog, you could make some extra money. There are plenty of organizations that are willing to pay for walks and other activities for dogs.
Check with your local chapter of the SPCA or local pet store to see if there are any organizations that are looking for walkers. You could also browse Pet Rover’s listings to find local pet sitters in your area.
Craigslist is another great place to look for free pet sitting gigs when you have spare time. Make sure that you only accept paid gigs. Some pet owners are looking to scam out of their obligations by listing a free job while they’re waiting for their real pet sitter to show up.

#2. Make Beaded Jewelry

If you’re interested in making jewelry to sell, you can easily turn a hobby into a business. There are plenty of sites that allow you to sell your jewelry and make money on the side.
Etsy is a great place to browse for listings, and you can also sign up for a free account to list your pieces as well. There are also plenty of local craft fairs where you can sell your pieces as well. You can make some pretty nice money when you do this.

#3. Help Around the House

If you’re interested in earning cash while helping around the house, you can try a few different options. First, you can look for work on sites like TaskRabbit, where you can find people who need help with everything from errands to cleaning.
Another option is to sign up for services like Amazon Flex. For example, you can work as a bike courier or using their vans. In addition, you can sign up with a few different home maintenance services, including lawn mowing, painting, and house cleaning.

#4. Join a Sports Team

If you have a passion for a sport that’s not offered at your school, you can always look for a club or team that needs players. It’s important to check to see if the team has any eligibility requirements, as well as make sure you have the proper equipment.
However, if you’re interested in making some cash while getting some exercise, it could be a good option.

#5. Create a YouTube Channel

If you have a passion for something and are willing to do a little bit of research, you can create your own YouTube channel. You can research topics that you’re interested in, buy some basic camera equipment, and start recording videos.
Once you have a few videos recorded, you can upload them to YouTube and start monetizing them by selling ads or selling subscriptions.
Some of the best ways to make money on YouTube include selling digital products, selling memberships to your channel, and selling merchandise.

#6. Sell crafts or handmade items

If you have a talent for creating unique handmade crafts, you can always sell them online. Etsy is a great place to look for listings, and you can also sign up for a free account to list your pieces as well.
There are also plenty of local craft fairs where you can sell your pieces as well. You can also look for craft events or fairs where you can sell crafts at cost. However, don’t just show up at a craft fair and start selling.
Assess the fair and the people in attendance first and make sure you’re pitching your wares in the correct way.

#7. Car Wash

Most gas stations and fast food restaurants have a car wash that pays for customers to wash their cars. Make sure that you only sign up for short-term jobs, as it can be hard to find a full-time job at these places.
In addition, make sure that you only sign up for jobs where the technology allows people to track how many cars are being washed.

#8. Get Paid to Test Games or Websites

Some websites or games will offer you a small amount of money to test their products. Make sure that you only accept these jobs if they make it clear that you’re just testing the product and that you’re not allowed to give away your own opinion.
You can also try freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr to see if there are any opportunities available.


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