How to Make Money Online.

How to Make Money Online.

Do you want to make money online? There are many ways to make money online. Today’s world is changing rapidly in terms of technology, and therefore, many businesses are adapting to the change by going digital.

Online presence has exposed businesses to a larger audience hence making more money online.

Many people are taking advantage of the internet to create online presence, so as to reach a larger audience and earn more money online through many different monetization methods.

The internet has provided a convenient way for anyone to offer his or her services to the entire world and make money online from the services.

Why should you make money?

Money is very important in our daily lives for many reasons which vary from one person to another. All in all, we all need money and before that, we need to know how to make money before we can actually have it.

Ways to make money online

If you want to start making money online, then browse our list of the best ways to make money online given below;

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1.Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online whetther awake or sleeping. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online as it only requires sharing a simple link on either social media or website and the next step is making money.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a living online by promoting other brands. Many people are earning over $2000 commission a month from promoting retail products, services, software programs, apps, and other offers.

If you already have a large audience on social media or websites, you can promote as many products, services, Software programs, apps, and offers online as you can and start making money right away.

If you don’t have any website, you can still use WordPress to create one. It is very simple and fast, you can build your website or blog in less than 20 minutes.

For you to start making money online, just get your affiliate link from any affiliate program such as Amazon, or ClickBank and share it on your website, Facebook page or any social media account, when someone uses your link to buy a product, you will get commission.

Tips for success in Affiliate marketing:

Create good quality content. Whether articles or videos, your content should attract many readers and also be able to turn your reader or viewers into buyers.

Aim at generating more traffic. This is because, the more traffic you get on your affiliate links and content, means more clicks and revenue generated.

Join affiliate platforms. There are several affiliate programs that you can join and start earning commissions. These include; Amazon, ClickBank, shareAsale, ….and you can join as many as you wish.

2. Drop shipping.

Drop shipping is an online business model in which a business does not keep the products it sells, it only connects the customer to the product sellers in a uniquely easy way.

Once the customer buys the product from a drop shipping retailer, the drop shipping retailer gets his percentage of the sale and forwards the rest to either the manufacturer or wholesaler of the product, who then ships it directly to the customer.

A drop shipping business is one of the easiest businessesto start making money online. Drop shipping involves selling another person’s product for a profit without having to deal with the logistics.

Only a few steps will make your business successful in the shortest time possible; You should decide which drop shipping business idea to take, choose your supplier, create your online store and market it using social media.

When starting a drop shipping business, it is advisable to start small and choose a product for which you know how it works and some other details, short of this, may put in a hard position replying to customer’s questions.

Why drop shipping?

You set your own price. This means that the profits you make are unlimited. The wholesaler or supplier does not dictate the price.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It may take 6 months, a year, or more before you start seeing results. You need to be patient and consistent.

3. Start a website or blog.

One of the most popular ways to make money online is to create your own blog. Bloggers are making over $5k to more than $100k writing simple articles on their websites.

You can start your blog on any topic you are passionate about. There are many niches to choose from when starting a blog, such as finance, health, family, travel, business, and so many other niches to start earning money online as a blogger.

Why writing blog posts is very easy?

You can write as many blog posts as 100 and beyond in a single day with the least effort. You might be wondering, how can this be possible? Well, it’s very simple, register and create an account on this blog writer assistant platform. You may register for a free plan, or paid one (recommended for better results). Thank me later!

There are several ways to earn money through blogging. You can add affiliate links to your posts. You also can monetize AdSense by strategically placing ads on your website.

Bloggers can also sell physical or digital products on the website as well as make money through writing guest posts. These passive income ideas have made many bloggers millionaires and billionaires in the shortest time possible.

For you to make money with a blog on WordPress, it should be on a paid plan.

Choose your website builder. You may consider starting a blog with WordPress or blogger.

Write and publish content. Start writing helpful information that your readers will love, and then monetize it to start making money as a blogger online.

4. Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube Ads can pay you money for a life time.

To get started, you should create a YouTube channel: Open your YouTube app, and in the top right corner, click on the icon and then click create channel.

Anyone can make money with YouTube, whether you are camera shy, expert or not and it is completely free to start. If you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel from scratch, you must first meet the YouTube minimum level in order to be paid.

You will need 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the previous 12 months to achieve this. Once the minimum requirements are met, you can monetize your channel by placing Ads and start earning passive income online.

YouTubers make between $3 and $5 per 1,000 video views through AdSense. It is therefore feasible for big creators to earn over $100,000 every month from AdSense alone.

There are only two secrets to the success of your YouTube channel; One is creating good quality content that people love to view and two is getting more views and the second step will be more views and making more money from AdSense.

You can start making money from YouTube even before reaching the minimum requirement of 4000 watch hours. This is through adding affiliate links in the video descriptions, sponsored content, and so on.

Tips and tricks to succeed on YouTube:

Create interesting, good quality content. In order to attract more visitors and views on your channel, you need to create more interesting videos with valuable content compared to your competitors.

Follow YouTube policies and guidelines. For example, you are required to attain their minimum requirement of 1,000 views and 4,000 watch hours to start earning ads revenue or placing ads on your channel.

Be consistent. Though YouTube is a passive income source especially with ads revenue, you need to keep adding new content to keep your channel followers engaged and active.

5. Create an online course.

Today, many individuals and institutions are launching online courses to either market their businesses or share knowledge on how-to tutorials. Online courses provide an opportunity to build a community and earn passive income as well.

Online courses can make money anywhere from $500 to over $100,000 a month. With an online course, what matters is the size of your audience and your ability to convert those people into buyers, as well as the cost of your program.

In case you are some what good at doing research, then creating an online course may be your great source of money online. It only requires choosing the right subject matter, researching it in details and extensively, then writing your course outline and you are already more than halfway done with the online course.

Guide to creating an online course

Pick a topic of your expertise or hobby. There are many topics for which you can create an online course. It could be cooking, dancing, Microsoft Excel, accounting, graphic design, guitar, etc. It’s however advisable to pick a topic in which you have some personal experience or your profession.

Should be profitable. Unless you are operating a charity, you need to make sure that there is a ready market for your course. Having a ready market or high demand means more money.

Make detailed research and gather course content. To be able to offer a successful course online, you need to be very good at what you are doing. you need to uncover everything related to your course.

Create your course outline. This helps to make your course very organized. You should be able to come up with your learning outcomes and objectives that will enable students to gain value or a skill.

Create backup plans. Online courses on some platforms such as LMS tend to have some technical difficulties and in case you don’t have any backup plan, it may mean lose of all your course content, as well as angry customers.

6. Become a freelancer.

Freelancing is just another easy way to make money online. It involves performing simple tasks that require little skills to accomplish for an agreed amount of money.

In case you like writing, or you are good at graphic design, you may consider making some additional income with freelance jobs. There are many freelance jobs that require simple skills and you can easily access these by joining platforms for freelancers, such as and start earning money online.

Many busy individuals and institutions find it hard and time consuming to perform some of the smaller tasks such as typing office work, doing graphic design or managing social media accounts.

These therefore find it wise to hire someone else to perform such tasks on their behalf for a certain fee. The best part of freelance jobs is that you can perform as many tasks as you wish at your home with only a computer and an internet connection.

7. Sell your photos.

Do you love photography? Make money with your photos!

This is yet another easy, make money online opportunity that any person with or without professional camera skills can exploit and make much passive income online.

The only biggest requirement is just a good digital camera for taking the photos and start earning money online without any much work. To make it even more easier to start, just a smart phone with a good quality camera is just enough to start making your collection of stock photos for cash

The most interesting part about selling your photos is to do with earnings/ payments. These are interestingly passive. Once you upload a photo, you get paid whenever someone or an enterprise buys the photo.

This means that when 1000 people buy your photo costing say $2, you will be able to make $2000 with very little effort. This means the more the photos you upload, the greater the chances of making more money. There are many sites where you can upload your photos and make money, such as; Getty images, Shutterstock, and many other sites.

Where to start:

Join platforms that connect you to buyers. There are several platforms that can help you to start selling your photos. These among others include; Adobe stock, Shutterstock, iStock photo (by Getty the images), Alamy,….

Start with what you have. In case you cannot afford a digital camera, using a mobile phone with a good camera may be just enough.

Build your collection. Start taking photos. You make categorize them into different collections such as people, nature, animals, business, and so on.

8. Try copywriting.

Are you good at writing nice marketing articles that can move potential buyers to actually buy the product? If yes, then copywriting could be your make money online source that will cater for all your future needs, from dream house, dream car, lifestyle to early retirement.

In case you are not very good at writing engaging articles, then you may consider reading and teaching yourself how to do so. There are plenty of free books on copywriting on Google play and App store.

Since many companies are digitalizing most of their services, there is an increasing demand for copywriters to enable them market their products and services both online and offline.

These companies are ready to pay huge amounts of money to have their products promoted and purchased by their customers. Copywriting is very convenient as you can do it from anywhere. You may do it while at your home, office, on an island, or while traveling.

Tips for success as a copywriter

Learn persuasive writing. You need to invest in learning to write persuasive, interesting, and engaging content. Buy books, attend seminars, and also watch YouTube videos related to copywriting so that you develop your skills.

Write for local businesses. You can decide to do this for free. This will help you to build your portfolio, which will help you to land bigger deals in your copywriting career.

Join copywriting platforms. There are several platforms that can enable you to get tasks easily and start earning.

9. Create an App.

Are you thinking it is impossible for you to create an App since you do have any developer skills? I can prove you wrong, – many people are reaching out to freelance platforms to outsource App developers to help them create an App.

You can make lots of passive income with an App through recurring monthly and yearly subscriptions, and placing Ads on the App. All you need is just to create one and place it on Google play and App store.

Steps to successfully create an App:

Choose Your App builder. You can search on the web and you’ll come across a number of App builders. These have different plans such as: a free plan, monthly, and annual plans.

Follow the steps given. Even without App developer knowledge, you can easily create the app of your dreams with the drag and drop simple instructions and steps.

Include offline features. For better user experience, you should make sure that your app users can access most of the features while offline. This is because there are still many areas with poor internet connectivity.

Check before publishing. You can use apps that test other apps. Make sure that your app is very efficient and provides required value before publishing. Short of this, you will have many unsatisfied customers and bad app reviews.

Publish. There are many options when it comes to publishing your app. You may choose to self publish, use Google Play store, or your app developers.

Market. Since the app is new, you need to make it known to the public. market your app through social media campaigns, promotional videos and paid advertisement.

There are various ways you can make money from an app, such as; placing ads and earn ads revenue, paid subscriptions, asking for donations, and so on. Income earned from an app is passive in nature.

10. Online tutor.

Thinking of how easily you can make money online?, you can start making a lot of money online as a tutor. With online tutoring, you can choose your own hours that are convenient for the job.

You can grab an online tutoring career in any subject of your expertise, though English language, math and sciences are the subjects with the highest demand for online tutoring world wide.

Becoming an online tutor requires one being an expert at the particular topic, it is thus very easy for teachers to grab online tutoring Careers. It also requires having good grade points as may be required to display your degree or certificate for proof that you know what you are talking about.

The larger the audience the bigger the pay cheque for an online tutor. This means that once you are able to market your tutoring services using social media and gain a good audience, you can earn much money.

11. Try print on demand.

Are you good at graphic design? It’s a huge money bank!

Do you have some graphic design skills, and a bit stuck on how to make money online with those skills? Print on demand could be your best option. Many graphic designers are reaping big from this business model, they are making lots of money online with print on demand.

The print on demand business model is similar to that of drop shipping. There is no need for stocking clothing, but only designing a single virtual cloth at no cost.

Print on demand requires using your skills to design a cloth that you think will be perfect for the buyers. Then upload your design on your print on demand platform with its cost price.

Once the customer buys the cloth or makes an order of a stock of say 100 pieces, then the suppliers will go on to print the cloth and ship it over to the customer.

You will earn a certain percentage of the sales made by your designs. All you have to do is join either printful or printify website and start making money online with your graphic design skills.

12. Child, elderly or pet care.

Looking for an easy way to cash in a lot of money doing simple work? Caring for children or the elderly could be your next job. Many busy parents are willing to pay over $20 per hour for someone to take good care of their children while they are off for work.

There are also many elderly people that need special care. In case you have some experience in taking care of either children or elderly, then you may want to register with to get you started with making money.

In case children and the elderly are not your thing, still has you covered. You can go ahead and take care of pets. You can make over $10 an hour sitting or walking pets such as dogs.

This will also keep you physically fit especially if you are walking dogs. Though you can access these jobs online, you will need to be physically available to perform them. At least you can not care for a baby, elderly people, or dogs online.

13. Become a writer.

Writing articles for websites can be a good source of money

If you have a passion in writing, then you just can not believe how much money you can make writing articles. There are many websites seeking for articles from people like you.

Want to become a writer but NOT good at writing blog articles?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Even with zero knowledge of writing and editing an article, you can actually come up with a very excellent one. You can also be able to write as many articles as you wish in just a single day with the help of this Blog/ Article writer assistant.

It’s very easy to use, and very fast at generating excellent blog articles in less than 5 minutes.

There is no need to worry about what topics to write about, since you can write about just anything and you will find where to sell your article. Websites are offering a lot of money per article written with the least paying over $50 to over $350 per article.

There are many sites and you can start making money online, writing articles even without any writing experience. You should go ahead and visit these websites and read the writer’s guide as well as look at the articles on the website to get a clear view of the acceptable writing style.

The good part of writing articles is that you can write for as many websites as you wish, there is no limit. The more the articles you write, the more money you make.

Some of the sites you can write for are as follows;

Vibrant life. Pays over $300 per article published. Interested in articles on healthy living. That is, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

The dollar stretcher. Pays $100 for every 1,000 word article published. They are interested in articles that help their readers to live better for less.

Chicken soup for the soul. The pay is $200 per post. They are interested in exciting funny stories about you or someone you know. They also give you 10 free copies of their published book with your story. The pay is $50 to $200 per post published. They are interested in short funny stories.

Guideposts. This site Pays $250 per post. They are interested in true stories. Success stories or past experience that helps other people to learn new lessons and achieve their goals.

14. Buy and sell websites.

Buying and selling websites is offers a very great opportunity to make huge amounts of money online. Here you first have to purchase a website that is not performing well currently but has room for improvement.

After purchasing the website, go ahead and edit the articles on the website and delete those that are kind of worthless. Optimize the website for search engines to rank it highly, and also generate more traffic as well as revenue. Then you will be set to sell it off for a profit.

When buying a website, be sure to buy one with a higher future value. This will enable you to sell it at a very high price and make bigger profits. Very good websites with higher traffic and monthly revenue can be sold at over $50,000.

Before buying a website, you should ask for source of traffic, revenue,and the monetization method for the website. There are many market places to purchase and sell your website, such as; Flippa, Empire flippers, and Sideprojectors.

15. Test websites.

If you are looking for ways to make money online fast, testing websites and giving feedback could be your answer. Testing websites however requires some technical skills and ability to identify, compare and contrast website designs.

You should also be a little bit good in communication skills so as to be able to present your reviews. You may consider making your own research about websites, their design and development before applying to become a tester.

Once you are done with your detailed research and learning communication skills as well as how to review websites, it is time to start making money.

Website testers are paid after completing the task. How much testers are paid varies based on the payment policies of the different market places and the method used.

For example, where it involves having a live call with the client, payment may go as high as $100+. There are several market places for testing websites such as; UserTesting, userlytics, Testbirds, and Ubertesters.

16. Write & publish E-Books.

Ebooks are one of the perfect choices if you are looking for a passive source of income. This is because you write and publish an ebook once, and start to collect earnings for years to come with only little or not efforts. Writing and publishing an ebook is probably not as complicated as you may think.

Easy steps to publishing your first ebook

Choose a topic. You can brainstorm and in the end, you’ll have very many topics to choose from. In case you are already an expert or professional at something, you may consider writing the ebook based on your knowledge and experience.

Make research. After choosing a particular topic, you need to make extensive research to get up to date information and cover all queries concerning the topic.

Start writing. Writing an ebook can take months and sometimes years. You need to be consistent and you may hire editors and authors to help you in your journey.

Publish your ebook. You may consider getting an agent/ publisher, or publish the ebook by yourself.

17. Write product descriptions.

If you are a bit good with descriptive writing, then try writing descriptions for companies selling their products online. One advantage is that you can part time and at the same time write for many businesses in case you have a lot of free time.

With time you can get to develop and advance your skills and exploit more opportunities in writing.

18. Proofread articles and essays.

Weather you have a degree or not, there is a chance to land a proofreading job. Though most of the formal proofreading jobs, such as college admission, essay proofreading, and other related essays require a degree, you can still proof read online content for busy writers.

Ways To Make Money Offline.

Here are some easy ways to make money at home, while offline;

19. Babysit children.

In case you are very good with little children, then you may consider baby sitting for money. You should be a responsible, caring and playful person to be trusted by parents and loved by children.

To get started, you can ask around, mainly among the busy parents. You may later on consider growing into a full daycare center where you can care for as many children as you can,at a certain fee.

20. Offer car wash services.

The biggest requirement for starting this kind of business of making money from car washing is a water source. In case you are next to one, then you can start a car wash business.

Start small. In case you don’t have enough capital, you can start small, using available tools while saving to buy better ones.

Plan to expand. After getting some daily customers, you may plan to expand your business. Buy more efficient washing tools and get people to work for you.

21. Host and teach foreign students.

Are you a linguistic? Many foreigners enter the country year in year out. Most of these are actually very blank about the national or official language in the foreign country.

You can set up classes either at your home or anywhere convenient, and teach friends students about the country’s national language as well as some cultural values.

You can make some good money offering a few hours of your free time to help foreign students.

22. Become a broker.

What is more interesting about being a broker is that you can earn double payments from both the buyer and the seller. If you are good at marketing and selling, then consider being a land and house broker.

Locate property. you can ask around for people selling or renting their property, such as land and houses.

Look for buyers. You can target rich people who may not have time to go looking for property by themselves. You can also advertise through social platforms.

Connect buyers and sellers. Brokers are always skilled people. They make huge profits by setting prices far above the seller’s price, and in the end get paid by both the buyer and seller.

23. Offer laundry services.

Most of the single people who are in the working class do not have time to do the laundry. Not only those, some married couples where both the husband and wife are busy people, they rarely get time to wash their clothes and do general cleaning.

Head hunt. You can start by going home to home, to ask if they need your services. Also try advertising on local social channels, or leave your contact information with some people for connections.

Expand your business. After getting many clients, you can turn this into a full-time business. Buy laundry machines, and you may also start offering ironing services.

24. Delivery rider or driver.

You can make some money either full-time or part-time as a delivery rider or driver. You can deliver restaurant food to customer premises. Lyft and GrubHub are already in this business.

You can also deliver items bought from online companies, such as clothes, shoes, home appliances, and start earning daily income as a delivery rider or driver.

25. Rent out your car.

In case you have a car that is in a good condition, then you can make some good money renting it out. You can target city dwellers as most of these are always in need of cars to rent for days or even weeks.

You can setup an account with companies like Getaroud and Turo. The procedure is simple and fast, and these help to protect your car that has been rented out. Though, they take a small percentage of the amount paid out to rent your car.

26. Sell clothes that you don’t use.

In case you have many clothes in your closet that you don’t use and have been gently worn, or still look new, then consider selling them off for some amount of money. You may also sell off gently worn shoes.

Try your local shops. Most of these will be willing to give you a certain amount of money, as long as the clothes can be resold.

Sign up on online sites. There are various online platforms that can help you to find buyers. Some of these are Poshmark and Thredup.

Take clear pictures. This is in case you want to look for buyers online. Also find out prices of competitors before setting your price.

27. Clean or organize houses.

Most of the busy home owners need someone to help with cleaning and organizing their homes. If you are good at organizing and cleaning houses, then you can start making money offering this service to others. You may be required to clean up the living room, compound, bathrooms, toilets, and so on.

Ask around. You can start by asking in your neighborhood to find out if anyone needs a cleaner.

Join sites. There are sites such as that can help you to easily get cleaning jobs near you.

28. Rent out your house to tourists or rent a room to tenants.

In case you are located near vacation or tourist center. You can make money by simply renting out your house tourists or tenants. You can register with companies such as; AirBnB, LuxuryRetreats, to start renting your house.

You can also decide to rent out some of your rooms that you don’t use to tenants and make some monthly income or extra cash.

29. Start a stationary.

In case you stay next to a school or college, or can get a room next to an education institute, you may consider starting your own stationary.

Sell scholastic materials. You can sell items such as; books, pens, notebooks, pens and so on to students.

Offer other services. Yo can also offer typing, printing and photocopying services to students and make some good amounts of money.

30. Start a poultry or goat farm.

In case you live in an environment favourable for farming, then start a poultry or goat farm. Starting any of these farms is easy as you can start with what you can afford and later on grow bigger.

It should be noted that these farm animals require a stable supply of feeds for better results, thus you should plan in advance. Both goats and poultry give good returns and can easily multiply into a bigger farm.

31. Start an internet cafe.

Starting an internet cafe may require some good amount of capital to start, though it’s a worthy venture. It requires buying computers, as well as purchasing wifi or other internet service.

You can also start a gaming business, where teenagers can play computer games, as well as offering some computer skills such as; typing, and software programs like tally and quick book.

32. Plant vegetables.

In case you have some garden with fertile soils, then consider turning it into a garden for vegetables. Many people know that vegetables are a compulsory part of their diet, and for some that can not afford other types of food, vegetables are their first choice.

Why vegetables?

Home use and for sale. Vegetables can be grown for both home consumption as well as sell, hence a source of income.

High demand. Vegetables are on a very high demand both in urban and rural areas.

Fast growth. Vegetables reach maturity within a very short period of time.

Hydroponic system. Vegetables can be planted using the modern farming methods such as hydroponic systems.

33. Grow fruits.

If vegetables are not your thing probably because of the care needed or other reasons, then try planting fruits. Just like vegetables, fruits are on a very high demand.

There are many fruit types that you can plant and make money selling these at maturity. Some of these are; passion fruits, oranges, avocado, mangoes,……. Most of the urban areas have the highest demand for these fruits.


Making money in the older days has never been easy as it is today with technological advancements and internet coverage. No matter the choice you make, you should be ready to work hard since there are no gains without sweat. Hope the list given here is able to give you some insight and perhaps help you to find your match. Best of luck!


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