Best Blog Post Writer Assistant

Best Blog Post Writer Assistant

Are you a blogger who wants to publish great content on an auto-pilot basis? Well, then you must be in need of quality content that’s blog post worthy.

This AI writing tool creates superior articles, blog posts, landing pages, Google advertisements, Facebook ads, emails, commodity descriptions, and more in just seconds.


  • You don’t write blog posts. AI does.
  • Get your blog writing done in no time with this AI.
  • Make time for what’s important.
  • Stop spending hours on writing and start engaging your audience. This AI tool takes care of your content – you care about ideas.
  • The generated blog post, and any other content belongs to you!

Who Should Use it?

  • This AI tool is made for e-commerce startups, B2B marketing teams, and anyone who has to write copy for their business. Worry less, and focus on your business instead!
  • AI-powered copywriting assistant helps marketers generate marketing copy for everything from landing pages to ads to articles.

Services/ Features

Article/Blog Copy

– AI Article Writer

– Blog Ideas, Intros & Outlines

– Content Rephraser & Expander

– Article Summaries
Website Copy
Landing Pages

– Feature to Benefit

– Headers

– SEO Meta Descriptions
Digital Ads Copy
– Facebook Ads

– Google Ads

– LinkedIn Ads

– Twitter Ads (Soon)

Write up to 10 blog posts or more, a day in just 2 minutes.


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